Salmonbellies push Mann Cup championships to a Game 5

Six Nations Chiefs unable to sweep the team in four games

The Salmonbellies have kept the #Drivefor25 alive, with a win against the Six Nations Chiefs on Tuesday, Sept. 12. New West Salmonbellies.

In another game played to a full house at Queen’s Park Arena on Tuesday night, both sides left it all on the floor, with the term ‘back and forth’ the theme of the night for the Salmonbellies and the Six Nations Chiefs.

The back and forth worked out in favour for the Fish, with New West holding on to win Game 4 of the Mann Cup series 11-10, meaning the #Drivefor25 is still very much alive.

The Salmonbellies opened the scoring with two goals, but the Chiefs answered back and tied things up relatively quickly. After 20 minutes of intense play, Six Nations led the scoring 5-4.

The second period opened looking good for New West, with the team adding two more goals—but Six Nations was able to respond. The second ended 8-7 for the visitors.

The final 20 minutes between the two teams were once again a rally, with the Bellies managing to tie things up, but Six Nations able to respond: there were moments were New West even had the lead.

With just a couple of minutes to go the Bellies were able to find the lead and bring the score to 11-10—where the tally stayed.

Game 5 will take place at Queen’s Park Arena at 7:30pm on Wednesday. Tickets will be available via the Salmonbellies’ website—though they are first come, first served.

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