Six Nations Chiefs capture their seventh Mann Cup

Despite efforts in the dying seconds of the game, the Salmonbellies fell to the Chiefs 11-9

Six Nations just seconds after the clock hit zero in Game 5 of the 2023 Mann Cup championships. WLA.TV.

Note: due to a glitch with the WLA TV site, I was unable to watch the first period, and joined the game heading into the second period of play.

The Six Nations Chiefs have managed to take their seventh Mann Cup, beating the Salmonbellies 11-9 on Wednesday night at Queen’s Park Arena.

The drums and the cheering were strong for much of the evening as both teams again took to the floor of the historic Queen’s Park Arena.

At the end of the first period, things looked promising for the Bellies, as they led 3-2. In the opening minutes of the second, the press from the Chiefs was impressive.

With some power play advantages and fast footwork, Six Nations found some goals—but the Bellies answered back to shrink the Chiefs’ lead and bring the score to 5-4.

It would be the last time New West would score in the second—despite a brief power play for the home team—with the Chiefs able to find goals six and seven.

Returning from the break, the third period began with a brief emotional moment for the Bellies as they huddled together, hoping for the best. It seemed to work for the first half of the period: the team was able to capitalize on an opening and nab themselves their fifth goal of the game.

Somehow the Bellies were able to figure it out, bringing the score to 11-9 in the closing minutes of the game—but they weren’t able to score those (at least) two goals needed to keep their 2023 Mann Cup dreams alive.

With the clock ticking down to zero, the Six Nations hugged one another, celebrating their seventh championship; the last time they’d won the Mann Cup was 2016. Grateful, they lifted their hands to the crowd as the drums echoed throughout the arena in celebration.

For the Bellies, gratitude from the fans—both in Queen’s Park Arena—and online.

This was Game five in the best-of-seven series. Prior to the start of the series, Bellies’ president Paul Horn made it clear they knew how proud their fans—and New West—were of the club.

“You know, people were asked in various online polls from the beginning of the season who was going to win the season. Everybody said Langley,” he previously told The Anchor. “The team that’s coming to visit us is a stacked team…but so was the Langley Thunder team. They were out there last year and they’d built their team to win a Mann Cup.

“We recognize just exactly how much work it means to get this far, and I cannot thank enough all of the people that have been a part of it.”

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