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Photo of Ria Renouf, Managing Editor

Ria Renouf

In 2017, I moved to New Westminster for love, because it is where my partner lived. What I didn’t realize was going to happen, however, is how much I would fall in love with this city.

My name is Ria Renouf, and I am the Managing Editor of New West Anchor. I live downtown – not far from Columbia Street, and along the Agnes Greenway. I was born in Ontario, and spent most of my childhood and post-secondary years in Burnaby. I also spent time in the Philippines, which I consider my second home, but the Royal City is my first.

I’ve learned a lot playing in the sandboxes of major market radio and television for almost a decade, honing my craft at places like Global News 980/CKNW and CityNews 1130. But my ultimate dream was to be a reporter for a newspaper. When I ended up in BCIT’s Broadcasting and Online Journalism program in 2013, I wanted to intern at a newspaper or hyperlocal magazine. I was told by many in the industry not to hold my breath, as those mediums were “dying.” Turns out they were wrong.

The Anchor is first and foremost meant to serve our neighbourhoods, and we are here to dive into the stories that make New Westminster tick. Whether you’re in Queensborough or Quayside, Uptown or Downtown, the West End or Sapperton, we cannot do this alone. We can’t wait to hear more about what you’d like to see from us, and that’s why I hope you’ll drop a line at [email protected] if there’s a story you’d like us to dig into!

We’re also here to have fun, and I’m certain there will be spirited discussions over which New West businesses give the best haircuts or make the best donuts. (I can’t choose between Yum! and Donuteria, help me out, New West!)

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Finally, I’m always up for a good chat, and it would be an honour to speak with you. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], or if you prefer social media – find me on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. I'm keen to learn more about this community – and I seem to be uncovering hidden gems nearly every day.

It’s a dream come true to run the Anchor, and I am so proud of my city. Thank you for the smiles, New Westminster – and for continuously proving that New West really is the best.